United States:


New York
217 Centre Street, 7th fl
New York, NY 10013
212 279 2252 (T)
212 226 1015 (F)

San Francisco
237 Kearny Street, #277
San Francisco, CA 94108
415 824 4000 (T)

Kelly Montez
Nathalie Cordoba
Jenifer Guskay


France, Suisse, Italie:

Patrick Skacha
8 rue de Bel Air
92190 Meudon France
+33 01 46 04 59 10 (T)

Patrick Skacha

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Mitchell Feinberg has been shooting luxury still life for over twenty years, distinguishing himself as one of the world's premier still life photographers. He currently lives on a small farm a couple of hours north of New York city. You can follow him on Instagram.