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    Air of Style for MAC cosmetics


     - Mac Cosmetics

    Please do not ask me to redo this. I have no clue how to do it. Shoots are sometimes quite spontaneous with no precise layouts, just one or two references of past work and a short brief. Energy, movement, and atmospheric quality were my instructions. I find the best way to make these kinds of images is not to plan too much. Overthinking always kills a shoot, at least for me. I just start playing with light and movement until I hit something reasonably interesting. On this image we spent an hour or two experimenting until I hit upon this image.  We knew the photo was perfect as soon as we saw it. The effects are all done in camera too — I’m always looking for those happy art accidents that occur on set. Computers have excellent tools for creating effects, but silicon-based accidents are almost never happy ones. Click here to see more MAC cosmetics work.

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