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    Creepers for Fenty x Puma



    No good deed goes unpunished.  We made these images with either corn starch or cement. Everyone was having a great time with the corn starch. It is a very magnetic material,  pristine and fine, with a metaphysical talent to render the trace of a hand  or the touch of a finger. I had to keep one person from diving in. Cement is not as much fun, but the intrepid can create all kinds of effects with it. Brushed, compacted, imprinted, smashed — it has endless possibilities. Just keep it away from water, unless you are open to redoing your floors.  And keep cement away from fragile items, like camera equipment and optics. The dust is very fine, but scary abrasive. Which brings us to the Good Deed. It was a long long shoot, moving 50 pound bags of cement, keeping the dust in the air at a minimum — everyone was breathing through OSHA-certified respirators, safe but exhausting after a few hours of wear — while keeping to a tight shooting schedule.  A certain air of fatigue had settled in and one of the clients, a lovely, talented guy, came over and tried to help out.  He gently picked up my glasses and wiped them clean. His deft handiwork was an excellent alchemist trick. Not quite lead to gold, mind you, but a formidable exercise in how to transform clear glass to frosted, with nothing more than a tissue and dust. I saw him do it too, and even thanked him. Only when I turned slid the glasses on did I realize that they were like looking through a fogged-up shower door. I just didn’t have the heart to tell him. Click here to see the entire series.

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