• November 29th, 2016 / Share

    Holiday for Dior



    There are many ways to make stars. I bet you are thinking just throw some glitter into the air and shoot as it tumbles down. This is a terrible idea. You will uncover hidden reserves of glitter everywhere, in every nook and cranny of your studio, for the rest of your life. I know this, because I have been wiping it up for years. I still use glitter, along with my trusty 20-year-old plastic star filters, but I found a way to avoid the bling mess.

    For this shoot we built an enormous set and carefully blind supported all these boxes, even the ones way in the back. This could have been more easily executed in Photoshop, but I like mixing reality and fantasy, even if it can be very time consuming. It’s for the holidays, you know. To see more from the campaign, click here.

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