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    Rouge Dior for Dior



    Do not worry if you see an art director hand me a bag of lipsticks with a print of a smoldering leather-clad Natalie Portman and then command, “Make the lipsticks look like her." An uncomfortable moment of silence might follow, but there will not be any tears. Ok. I am exaggerating, but stripped down this is often my job description: start with a primary beauty image and translate the concept into a coherent, well-rendered still life. 

    I wanted the lipsticks tightly packed, filling the frame, sensuous, inviting, perfect and, in some ways, beyond reach. We had to vertically section off a third of each lipstick so that I could tile the cases tightly. I am certain it was much more fun to photograph Ms Portman than wrangle with a dozen messy, disassembled lipsticks. We shot about ten images over a few days, as large campaigns like these have many different needs. Click here to see more.

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